Official Online Presences:
Swing Algo Material:
  • Swing Algo Introduction: (newcomers should start here – short introduction into our swing algorithmic trading system)
  • Swing Algo Trading Setup – Beginners Guide: (setup & trading tutorial for people who never traded/shorted before)
  • Swing Trading Cheat Sheet: (quick recap which buttons to press for spot & futures trading, with images!)
  • Swing Algo FAQs: (must-read for users; answers to often asked questions in regards to swing algo trading; explains our swing trading style including things like stop-loss, position size etc.)
  • Swing Algo Library: (some algo inputs of other assets, for advanced users)
  • DeanTrader HQ: Private Telegram group (swing algo support and market discussions, only for swing algo users)
  • DeanTrader Discord: Private Discord server (further market discussions, only for swing algo users)
Models/Research/Highlights for Bitcoin & Ethereum:

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