Swing Algo V1 Series (free trial)

The Swing Algo V1 Series product includes access to:

Access within the free trial Iron subscription is granted for 14 days after unlock. For more details see the description below.


The here offered product bundle consists of a variety of swing trading algorithms (Swing Algos V1 to V1.3) mainly used for trading cryptocurrencies, especially Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). They are supplemented by a suite of mid- and long-term indicators that can show us in which market phase we are currently in to accomodate our trading style, and that help us to find additional entries at the absolute cycle tops and bottoms or specific support levels. We trade cryptocurrencies as they are somewhat better to model and predict than e.g. stocks or forex markets. If you haven’t already read it, a quick summary is given in our Swing Algo Trading Introduction.

The Swing Algos can be added to TradingView charts just like regular indicators and will give Long (to bet on rising prices or just to buy the asset) and Short (to bet on falling prices or just to sell the asset) signals on the chart along the way, so that traders can act accordingly. For more informations regarding performance and working principle, please check the corresponding TradingView script pages, all linked above in the short description of this product page. Many infos can also be found on DeanTrader’s Twitter Page.

Additionally to offering access to these scripts and indicators, DeanTrader has released several guides and FAQs sheets to help newcomers to the trading scene that can be found here. Users of DeanTrader’s Swing Algos are also invited to the private Telegram group (“DeanTrader HQ”) and private Discord server (“DeanTrader Discord”), where Dean accompanies your trading journey and is always available for support. We have also grown to a supportive trading collective of 60+ traders (from people completely new in the cryptocurrency space to seasoned traders) that are up for discussing markets and also gladly help you out in case of questions. All in all we offer a neat package to enter the markets rather securely, with a focus on long-term efforts to reduce noise in the markets to become successful.

In the free trial Iron subscription access to all above is granted for 14 days. You can upgrade to a higher paid tier during this period or afterwards. For this just purchase one of the paid subscriptions. If you have any questions before joining our trading collective, feel free to ask Dean.


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