Get Started

So you found this website, but are still somewhat overwhelmed by the information? No worries, here we will give a short thread showing you in which sequence you can ideally review our documents and pages. As you probably already skimmed over the main page and are interested in the general idea, we’d recommend the following:

First have a look at the Swing Algo Introduction, where the general principle is investigated further. You might want to read it on desktop as it is rather detailed. Topics include:

  • Basics of market behaviour.
  • Insights into market cycles and liquidity.
  • Answers to the questions: Why (swing) trading? Why cryptocurrencies?
  • More detailed look at the swing trading algorithms.
  • Additional tools for swing trading.
  • Quick overview on what you need to get going.

If you liked what you saw so far, and you’re considering joining, but aren’t sure what the general guidelines and recommendations for swing trading are, please visit the Swing Algo FAQs section, where many questions previous beginners had are answered. Some topics include:

  • How to actually use the swing algorithms.
  • The general trading logic employed.
  • Leverage? Limit order or market order? Stop loss/Take profit?
  • When exactly do the signals come?
  • Alerts for swing trading signals.
  • Can the strategy be automated?

More experienced traders can just skip to the last step now. For trading newcomers who have no idea how exchanges and orderbooks work, though, it is recommended to read the Swing Algo Beginner’s Guide where all setup and trading steps are explained in excruciating detail. Of course you can also move forward with the last step simultaneously. Topics here include:

  • How to register on an exchange and set up the account.
  • Setting up a TradingView account and configuring a chart window for the swing algos.
  • How to buy and sell cryptocurrencies (which are then used for futures trading).
  • How to actually trade, i.e. bet on rising or falling prices, or stay out of price movements, all on the basis of so-called futures trading orders.
  • Bonus: Glossary which explains many trading terms and concepts including futures trading.

There’s also the Trading Cheat Sheet as a shortened recap to know which buttons to press (which however does not explain in detail why we are doing what and is really just meant as a recap for people who already read the Beginner’s Guide).

If everything is understood and you’re ready to swing (or still studying the material but can’t wait to join), just visit our Shop and start your financial voyage! Once finished with the purchase, you can join the DeanTrader community by providing Telegram and Discord names to us. From then on we will accompany you on your journey.

Remember that for your first purchase in our shop we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!